PEDOPHELIA INC.: A Clinton Scandal

WARNING!!: This article contains graphic content and may DESTROY everything you know about the world. You have been warned…


The article you are about to read is one of facts, not fiction. This is not a pizzagate reddit post and this is also not CNN. What you are about to read is not disputable. They’re facts linking a worldwide pedophile ring bought and paid for primarily by the DNC and the most powerful names on the planet.

I’ll show you how these same people are controlling the world and pushing it towards a personal agenda. I’ll show you how our President is involved and why it’s very possible justice will never be served. Whether or not you want to believe it all is your choice. Here are the facts:


In the US, a child is abducted every 40 seconds. That means, by the time you’ve finished this article, over 30 children will have been abducted or have gone missing.

In 2016, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children States that there were 16,500 runaways reported in the US. 1 in 6 of these runaways is likely lost to sex trafficking. The scariest number is: 86% of the children lost to sex trafficking were in the custody of SOCIAL SERVICES.

 That means, they get their estimate of 3083 or so missing children by adding about 20% to a number of documented social services cases. The number of children abducted from SOCIAL SERVICES custody in 2016 is around 2,600. 

It’s sickening to think that these children, who were either orphans or had been taken from their parents because of a ‘bad situation’ are now sex slaves or they are dead.


In a world where kids are taught ‘stranger danger’ you’re probably wondering how they get lured into this mess. Most of these children are abducted. The older ones though, often times, get lured in by false promises of a career in modeling or entertainment.

The most relevant example of this would be that of Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine is a child sex slave trafficker. She is also deeply connected to the Clinton Administration. She had an aisle seat at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Her father (who owned the Daily Mirror) threw himself overboard from his yacht in a suicide over a business scandal. Her connections to the Clintons, Podestas & so many others in the Clinton/Syria scandal mentioned further down the page begs the question: why are all these powerful people connected to a child sex slaver?


To answer that, we’ll start with the Epstein case. I have personally read all of the court documents related to this case. There are dozens of women and young kids who have come forward and said they were caught up in this trafficking ring.

In 2015, Jane Doe’s 1,2&3 filed a motion to re-open the investigation after Alan Dershowitz, who was not only Epstein’s lawyer but also an alleged suspect, managed to close the whole case down with 13 months prison time for Epstein. It had been closed ‘with prejudice’ so that no other future potential suspects related to the case could ever possibly be indicted regardless of the nature of the crime.

It is important to note that Epstein would trade these kids out to the elite in exchange for favors or sent the girls in to use as blackmail against these powerful people.

The attorneys for the Jane Does made the case that the government covered it up at high levels to protect the highest-ranking government officials. This case is still pending as well as a separate case filled in July 2016 alledging President Donald J. Trump violently raped and beat a teenage girl after tying her up to a bed. She then alleges that Epstein also violently beat her and raped her.

(NOTE: This particular case involving Trump may be fake. There are a few reasons to consider that. The first is that she waited until July of 2016 to file her lawsuit which was years and years after the original EPSTEIN cases and exactly a year after the EPSTEIN case was re-opened. Also this case was a lawsuit asking for $750,000 and not a case looking to seek criminal prosecution. That being said, I will not pull a ‘Hillary’ and say this case is fake or the girl is lying, because I don’t honestly know if it’s true or not and it just wouldn’t be right to downplay her rape and victimization. But the fact that she is asking for money and not criminal prosecution is unusual, especially if you are seeking justice for being wronged. It’s not like $750k would make a dent in Trump’s wallet. )

The pages and pages of testimony from the EPSTEIN cases is disgusting. There are several corroborating witnesses that were employees of either the suspects or the facilities where the abuses allegedly took place. There are even photos of one of the girls with Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Epstein had an island and a plane that are now synonymous with pedophelia. I have a copy of the flight log and let me tell you, there are some extremely powerful people getting their kicks (kids?) in this mile-low club, including over 24 flights by former President Clinton, some without the Secret Service in tow. And, of course, Donald Trump has also flown these not-so-friendly skies.


Right before the election, WikiLeaks released a series of emails from John Podesta. Who is John Podesta? He’s the man behind the election campaigns of George H.W. Bush, Barack Obama and, most recently, Hillary Clinton. You might note the fact that he ran both Republican and Democratic campaigns.

John’s emails revealed so much about the illegal, immoral and unethical workings of not only the Clinton campaign and Foundation but of the DC elite and others in power worldwide.

Let’s focus on the correspondence and evidence that inspired pizzagate and then we’ll transition to the Clintons world plan.

One of the biggest scandals to come from the Podesta emails is referred to as pizzagate. Please refer to David Seamen’s YouTube for basic info on that, and I’ll elaborate a little bit.

The main character that came to light through the coded emails of John Podesta is James Alefantis who, to the public owns two restaurants in DC including one mentioned in the Podesta emails: Comet Ping Pong. Forbes even listed Alefantis as #49 in their most powerful in DC.

How does the owner of a pizza place in America’s most powerful city end up on a list with such players as the director of the CIA and Hillary Clinton? As a matter of fact, he’s the only person who’s on the list without a position in government. This is a big reason the pizzagate conspiracy theory exists.

Comet Ping Pong’s official Instagram is @jimmycomet. This account is private but it hasn’t always been. Many of the posts from his account, along with posts relating to Comet Ping Pong or that James Alefantis commented on have been screenshot. Here’s some of them (warning these are weird and more than a little unnerving)

(There are more links to information about James Alefantis and everything mentioned in this article at the end.)

How many people connected to the Clinton administration have a publicly searchable record of sexual offenses that have come to light or been convicted? Let’s see:

Hillary Clinton:

  1. Got a rapist off by claiming the victim wanted to be raped and made light of it two decades later in an interview saying she knew he was guilty.
  2. Here’s a little more about that and 6 other times Hillary bashed rape victims or her husband’s mistresses by DailyWire
  3. Cathy O’Brien alleges in alarming detail a satanic rape ritual performed on her by Hillary. Here’s an article by about that. WARNING!! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC!!


What is there to say about ol’ slick Willy that isn’t public knowledge already? Not much, because he’s had 7 different women come forward against him. 5 during his presidency.


Over 63  children allege sexual and physical abuse at the hands of this duo.

John & Tony Podesta:

Accused of running a pedophile ring and possibly murdering and torturing children

Jerry Sandusky & Son

Jerry Sandusky ran a charity which farmed out CHILDREN to the rich and famous. These kids were already abused, so they made easy marks for Sandusky and his clients. Several people involved with Penn State witnessed the abuse and said nothing. Sandusky and Penn State are both connected to the Clintons in a few ways. Here’s an article from ClintonFoundationInvestigation

Laura Silsby aka Laura Gayler

Laura currently is the VP for the company that does the Amber Alerts (Google it, she’s on their website). Laura used to have a non-profit and she tried to traffic 33 children WHO HAD FAMILIES out of Haiti and into the US. She got caught and managed to get a lesser charge and served only six months. And now she is the VP of marketing for Amber Alert, the place that sends out emergency messages about missing and abducted Children.


Anthony Weiner matches a composite drawing from the Madelaine McCann Kidnapping (along with the Podestas and Ghislaine Maxwell. The argument that the Podestas aren’t valid suspects because the police decided two different people’s testimony were about the same man, could be argued that they had seen two different men dressed the same way at nearly the same time. i.e one witness saw John go by and one witness saw Tony. According to the pizzagate reddit they’ve placed the Podestas a 1/2 mile away at Sir Freud’s estate. (Sir Freud was also an accused pedophile, he’s dead.)

Anthony Weiner also has an infamous sexting scandal soliciting underage sex from a teenager. Oh btw, his wife was Hillary’s right-hand lady.

I could go on all day, let’s face it, there’s a huge network of pedophelia including the Duke of York. And if the names in Epstein’s Black Book are indicative of who is doing this, names like Alec Baldwin, Paul Allen, Kevin Spacey (remember American Beauty?), Mick Jagger and many more, are any indication of how deep the tendrils spread into high society, it’s very deep.


The war in Syria isn’t about ISIS, it’s about oil. Qatar and Saudi Arabia want to destroy Assad and take over Syria to run an oil pipeline from Qatar to Saudi Arabia because Qatar is the largest producer of gasoline and Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of crude oil in the world. Not to mention, they want to exploit the vast amount of oil available in Syria, as well. Their joining of forces would create a monopoly so strong that it will cripple Russia.

Russia’s leading export is oil and without the income generated from it, Russia would collapse. In an effort to prevent this, Vladmir Putin allied with Assad to help him regain control of the oil and the country.

It’s recently come out thru WikiLeaks, Judicial Watch and the mainstream media that primarily the Saudis and Qatar (among others) have funneled  $2 billion USD into Clinton Global Initiative aka the Clinton Foundation. CGI is essentially a large money-laundering/exchange system bringing together world powers and persuading their influence in decisions through money.

Did you know that Angelina Jolie and Madonna are Hillary Clinton’s cousins? Here they are telling you their opinions like unconnected Hollywood 3rd parties, but it’s all in the family. Did you know Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law is in federal prison for corruption as a politician? Or that her real father is named Webb?

The Clintons, Huma Abedin and many other key players in the white house and inside several Clinton non-profits are under investigation by the FBI for using the charitities, in combination with their political affiliations and connections, to manipulate the war in Syria and other political exploits overseas and domestically. They are under investigation for mishandling and illegally sharing top-secret/classified documents over unsecure servers and creating or funding ISIS camps and other militant groups in the middle East.


The Clinton foundation is also being investigated for the Haiti scandal, as well. Basically, they’ve used millions of dollars raised in the name of Haiti to further their world agenda or line their pockets. Obama has too. He was worth $2 million in 2008 and currently is worth $25 million and asking for donations to OSF.

During the time the Clintons were controlling Haiti, they controlled all US funds, all people and all supplies in or out of the country for a very long time, thousands of children disappeared from Haiti and were never found.

Coincidentally, across the street from Comet Ping Pong is a non-profit that helps abused Haitian children and in one of the Podesta emails, there’s a reference: make my PIZZA a Haitian special. I used to live in Florida, but I’ve never heard of a Haitian-style pizza…

As if there isn’t enough dirt and corruption in this article already, here’s more: another investigation into Hillary involves her brother getting exclusive rights for gold mining in Haiti.


You may be wondering why the US would cooperate with Saudi Arabia and let them take over the biggest natural resource market on the planet. That’s simple, the Saudis own over 1/3rd of US businesses, over $365 billion dollars of our national debt and the largest oil refinery in America, which happens to have a pipeline being built to it from Canada it’s currently being disputed on a Native-American reservation in North Dakota.

There is another kind of strange X-factor that will bring this article full circle and that is: Islam.


If you bombed a country like Syria out of existence, where would you expect the Muslims who live there to go? If Russia is helping Assad and we’re fighting against them, who are their real enemies? What is one of the few countries left not overrun by Islam?

The United States of America.

If you were a woman-hating, pedophilic, murdering, power-hungry type, you would find no better control structure than Islam. While groups of uninformed minorities, gays and feminists beg for major Islamic migration to the US through violent posts in the American streets, they are completely ignorant to the facts of what Islam truly represents.

Islam hates and distrusts anyone not of Islam. Islam commands you to JIHAD. There are 25 direct commands in the Quran to kill non-believers.Islam takes child brides and sells women and children as SEX slaves.

Islam blows up schools, hospitals, refugee camps and anyone they’re opposed to and can get at. If not, they don’t mind shooting you in a nightclub or driving a semi-truck over you in a marketplace.

Islam has one goal: to spread Islam across the world and dominate it. They will rape, torture, shoot, bomb or murder anyone who opposes them or their ideals and goals. They train children to shoot people in the head at the ages the American children learn math and the alphabet.

They use women and children as martyrs by suiting them up with explosives and forcing them into public places and detonating their bombs.

In Sharia law, honor killings are acceptable, i.e. your daughter smiles at a boy so you may kill her or throw acid in her face disfiguring her and shaming her for life. They practice genital mutilation (remember Cathy O’Brien?). There’s more, but how much do you really have to hear?

The Clintons and their cohorts, including those mentioned above, are all guilty of the same crimes. They fund and founded ISIS, traffic and rape/murder women & children and they blow up, blackmail, intimidate or destroy all who oppose them.


When Donald Trump was elected President, we dodged a huge bullet. You can tell by the literal meltdown the left having from their loss of control. You can tell by the fact that CGI, which received $2 billion USD last year, closed down in January(where is the money?).

This Evil scenario enacted by the Clintons, Obama and various leaders across the country would have led to open borders, an even more extreme slave-like lower-class state than we already have and after Islam started taking hold and countywide violence occurred, we would have become a weaponless police state with no liberty and a war in the streets.

Sharia law would take hold due to the overwhelming majority after they’ve thinned down our population with violence and murders. The age of consent would be lowered to 10, as proposed in the UK by PIE and all laws and freedoms of women would be taken away in the name of ‘freedom’ of religion. Rape, disfigurement, torture and murder would be legal as long as it was within the confines of Sharia law. You’ve got to see how this is a pedophile’s ultimate wet dream. The is the only system in which their lifestyle is acceptable.

In closing, I could write volume upon volume about this subject and never stop finding damning evidence and accusations. The fact of the matter is, even if you minimize all of this as much as humanly possible, there’s still a pile of criminal acts on the table from pedophelia to espionage and selling state secrets, to selling the use of the UN and the US military for personal profit while we, the tax-paying Americans foot the sometimes $500 million dollar-per-day war to help them control and kill us.

They’ve kidnapped, raped and even tortured children. Some have been captured, but the highest level players are all still free. Who knows if the Trump administration is as guilty as the rest? There’s few connections between him and the others. Really just the EPSTEIN case and that doesn’t really connect him to the Clintons. One could argue that they’ve been seen at fundraisers, etc. together, but if it’s not a spirit cooking party or a weird kiddie swim party or something, that’s not really newsworthy.

Of course, the elite will mingle with each other. They have their own world. One that just 5 generations ago, in the royalty and high society of Europe, openly practiced King Solomon’s Demon invocation rituals, cannibalism and sexual deviances like those described above. This is nothing new, it’s just frowned upon in our culture. It’s quite plausible that all of these traits of ruthless control have been passed down through generations. You’ve also got to consider how hedge funds and big businesses use the same tests that Jeffrey Dahmer would’ve failed at a parole-board hearing  as a tool to find their ideal candidate. The psychopathy of a business executive or politician is precisely the same psychopathy as a serial killer. To make the leap from big-league executive to sadistic monster is believable. As a matter of fact, it’s more plausible in power hungry elitists than it is from the common man. It’s all about control.

There are many counties overseas where pedophelia is legal to some extent or another. So is child trafficking. Trading your children as brides or grooms for money is acceptable as well. Along with everything mentioned under the explanation of Islam and anything you could possibly think of.

This may not be your reality when you are going to Walgreens or YOUR favorite place (hopefully), but it is reality. It’s a reality that you must now face for the sake of our country, our world and the women and children living in this world. We owe them something better. We need to hold those who are accountable to their crimes and we need to stick together as a country to rebuild and reshape our nation and the rest of the world

Thanks for reading.




ISIS and CGI both funded by Saudi Arabia 






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