WARNING: This article contains mature content and focuses on the subject of child abuse by people of stature in the world. This is not a pizzagate thread or CNN. They are facts and it’s up to you to decide what to do about it..

Where do you even begin to start an explanation of pizzagate? Is it a real thing? First, let’s quickly look at the allegations behind the pizzagate story and then we’ll explore the facts.


PIZZAGATE started in November when WikiLeaks released the Podesta emails. This is pretty much the only fact in any Mainstream Media article on the subject, aside from names of the accused. People began to notice unusual code in the emails and since that point, many revelations have come to light.


A famous pedophelia case involved Michael J Devlin who was the manager at a pizza parlor. He was caught with two young boys that he’d kidnapped, sodomized and created pornography with. He is serving 300 years in prison.

The symbols that are used as comparison to the logos of restaurants like Besta Pizza are legitimate. They were from a document put out by the FBI in 2007 that was released by WikiLeaks. Read it here.

In this article, from 2012 about a convicted pedophile ring, we see that one of the offenders regularly hosted PIZZA parties for children. They also mention children being referred to as food names, but the only example given is ‘asparagus’. Although Italian food isn’t mentioned specifically, it’s less of a stretch to assume they’re using a code in the Podesta emails than it is to try and rationalize what their conversation could have really been about.


The answer: a lot. Let’s break down some players you might not know about. The first, and most important, is


David F. Duncan is, quite possibly, the most distinguished and currently well-respected pedophile from the US on our list, although he is certainly not the wealthiest. He was convicted in 1989 on child pornography charges. Since then, he has managed to teach at a half-dozen respected universities, he’s been allowed to run multiple organizations that supposedly help ‘throwaway’ kids like abused children or drug addicts. He even boldly released a book in 2000 about dealing with abused children who are drug addicts. He was hand-picked to be the lead researcher on a panel by Hillary Clinton in 1993, only 5 years after his conviction.


Mel Reynolds former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives from Illinois. He resigned from Congress in 1995 after a conviction for pedophelia related crimes including 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography.

He was set to be released in 1998, but in April 1997 he was convicted on 16 unrelated counts of bank fraud, misusing campaign funds for personal use and lying to FEC investigators. Specifically, one count of bank fraud, two counts of wire fraud, eight counts of making false statements on loan applications, one count of conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission, and four counts of making false statements to the FEC.

48 months into his second set of convictions, President Bill Clinton commuted his sentence, releasing him into a halfway house several years early. It’s great to have friends in high places.

In 2014, he was arrested in Zimbabwe for overstaying his visa. When apprehended, he had pornography in his possession, which he had made with maids from his hotel. Possession of pornography of any kind in Zimbabwe is a crime.

In 2015, he was indicted for tax evasion and is currently believed to be hiding in South Africa somewhere.


Neil M Cohen   (Democrat) was deputy minority leader for the general Assembly of new jersey until his arrest in 2008 for production & distribution of child pornography. He was looking at 30 years, but somehow managed to be released after serving exactly 14 months to the day.

These three cases particularly illustrate how the Democrats sweep child abuse under the rug.


Two topics that are widely debated regarding PIZZAGATE are Satanic Ritual Abuse and also Medicine Killing. People question if they’re real and, is there proof. The answer to both is yes.

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Popularized in the 1980’s by ‘death metal’ bands, satanic ritual abuse is an ancient practice. To better understand this, you have to replace the word ‘Satanic’ with ‘Luciferian’.

In Luciferianism (i.e. Scottish Rite, Thelema, OTO, etc.) and Satanism we find the practice of demon conjuring called ‘Goetia’ or the Lesser Key of Solomon. This is an ancient set of rituals related to the Kabbala and Orthodox Judaism.

In the Talmud, the Orthodox religion’s most sacred book (even above the Old Testament), it gives the age of consent for girls as 3 years and one day old and the age of consent for boys is 9 years and one day. A girl is considered able to be married at age three, meaning she will be left in the care of her husband.

In Islam, this age is 9 for girls. Both believe that raping a child below this age means they will still be considered a virgin.

In Vatican city, the age of consent was raised from 12 to 14 after an English author published a book detailing the Vatican’s sexual indiscretions with young children. He also mentions the Queen as a murderer and child abuser.

The question must be asked: In a city like Vatican City, where everyone is celibate, why is there an age of consent at all? Only priests live there.

In the practice of the black arts like Goetia, there is a lot of ritual sex Magick. During my research for this article I found no less than 50 instances where little children describe horrifically detailed satanic ritual abuse. All but 5 of these cases worldwide were overturned for lack of evidence. I would have to argue that it took several years of Internet research and human interaction to learn intimate details of Luciferian rituals. The chance that a 5, 6 or 7 year old child could imagine on his/her own the explicit details of ritual sex Magick and torture are highly unlikely. It makes no sense because a child’s testimony is like gold in a rape case. Children rarely lie about these types of things, and when they do, it’s fairly easy to determine that through interrogation techniques.

Plenty of politicians and celebrities have been accused of being SRA leaders including:

John & Tony Podesta

Bill & Hillary Clinton

Jeffrey Epstein

Dr. Kidman (Nicole Kidman’s father who fell 18 stories to his death after being accused of participating in a SRA Cult involving elites worldwide. Many see this as a murder. I will have to agree because he’s not alone. There have been several deaths related to this specific cult he was in The Ninth Circle.)

Jimmy Saville (also ninth circle)

& Prince Andrew

Just to name a few.

Medicine Killing

Medicine killing is the practice of murdering someone to eat (or perform a ritual with) parts of a body you killed. Numerous child sex-trafficking rings in the US and abroad have been investigated for the trafficking of body parts. We’re not simply talking about sending a kidney to a patient here. We’re talking about people all over the world buying, cooking and eating children in an attempt to gain medicinal power through it. This is real. Google it.

It’s even common practice in Africa to eat certain parts of an enemy after battle like the heart. These taboos are big money business for the rich sickos of the world.


It’s estimated that the human trafficking business made $250 billion USD in 2016. In contrast, Apple Inc.’s posted fiscal year profits for 2016 were about $35 billion USD less than that.

That means human trafficking is as popular as (and more profitable than) the largest cell phone/tablet company in the US.

Most of the money is untraceable and the people distributing pornography, children and body parts make that money.

It’s no wonder people like Jeffery Epstein ended up so wealthy. In the 90s, tabloids would write articles about his secret business and list his clientele. Even during his many trials, no legitimate business was ever revealed. It was simply laundry list after laundry list of sex crimes.

Epstein also started the Clinton Global Initiative after traveling to Volta Lake, Ghana with Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker. This site became a base of operations for CGI until a few weeks ago when it was inexplicably closed. Only days later, an enormous international PEDOPHILE ring was busted in…. Yep….Volta Lake, Ghana. Let’s take a look at Hollywood for a moment.


Below is a list of notable celebrities who’ve been accused or convicted of sex offenses. A few at the end will be elaborated upon.  TRUE STORY: the first joke I heard in LA was this-

Q: How do you separate the men from the boys in Hollywood?

A: With a crowbar…..




2PAC(CONVICTED & bailed out by Suge Knight to record first album! Bet you didn’t know 2pac was a convicted rapist.)

Peter Sotos

Dr Luke

Dr Dre

Bill Cosby

Michael Jackson

woodie allen

CEE Lo Green of Goodie M.O.B.

David Bowie


Darren Sharper

Shane Sparks

Chris Stokes

Sean Kingston

Al Gore

Alex Da Silva

Ben Roethlisberger

John Travolta

Britney Spears

Gary glitter(Convicted)

Kobe Bryant

Sean Penn

Oscar Wilde

Tommy Lee

Tucker Carlson(Surprise!)

David Copperfield

Jerry Lawler (convicted)

Rev Run Simmons

Marv Albert

George Best (died before convicted)

Stephen Collins (confessed on tape)

Christian Slater

Jeffery Jones-best known as the dad on Beetlejuice or the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He created child pornography with a 14 year old boy who went to the police. They later connected the next person on our list to Jones. Both were convicted on lesser charges relating to child porn.

PAUL REUBENS Aka Pee-Wee Herman- everyone knows about Peewee and his theater incident but he was convicted of possessing child pornography after being linked to the Jeffrey Jones case.

VICTOR SALVA- Best known for directing movies like Powder and the Jeepers Creepers franchise, he was convicted of several pedophelia-related charges after raping a 12 year old actor on the set of his first feature film. Despite all of this, Hollywood looked the other way on his past and allowed them into their circle again. It’s interesting to note that Jeeper’s Creepers has some basis in reality. It is nearly identical to a story re-enacted on unsolved mysteries of what was likely an eyewitness account of a man disposing of a body.

Before we move on, let’s tie fiction with reality. Art imitates life right? Let’s talk about Ice-T


ICE-T was an orphan by the age of twelve. The streets raised him. He admired a man named Iceberg Slim who was a pimp turned poet. A man who wrote books and books on pimping young girls out.

He was ICE-T’s idol and the reason behind his name. Ice-T memorized Iceberg Slim’s poetry like (Warning! Graphic!):

Before I’d touch a square bitch’s slit,
I’d suck a thousand clappy pricks and swim through liquid shit,
They got green puke between their rotten toes,
And snot runs from their funky nose,
I hope square bitches become syphilitic wrecks,
I hope they fall through their own assholes and break their motherfucking necks.

He’s a real Shakespeare, right? Ice-T not only idolized Iceberg Slim, he also admits that he became a pimp. Now, I hate to ruin your romantic ‘Pretty Woman’ idea of prostitutes, but your average pimp turns out teenage girls that are hooked on drugs. He does this for profit and will beat or kill his hoes for not providing for Daddy. He also raped them or at the very least demands oral sex from them. It’s called ‘testing the product’.

In 1990, the Washington Post released an article by Tipper Gore who was vehemently against Ice-T after appearing with him and others on Oprah. She cited lyrics from the song ‘The Iceberg’ specifically:

Evil E was out coolin’ with a freak one night
Fucked the bitch with a flashlight
Pulled it out and left the batteries in
So he could get a charge when he begin

Evil E is a real person. A very anonymous DJ that was featured on several albums by Ice-T. I tried to investigate his background and real identity but got nothing.

What’s even more interesting is how the first verse of this song reads like a rundown of the pizzagate story. Here are some notable lines from verse 1:

Time to bleed, slaughter, slice
Try to say I wasn’t nice as we waxed them punks like lab mice
Dice ’em up, slice ’em up, dissect
Put you in a boilin’ pot and let your ass sweat….
Well 911 you should dial
Before my posse makes a move on your mom’s crib
Think we got knives and guns? We got bombs, kid
Blow up your whole block, ya hear the gunshots
Throw you in the Syndicate cellar

and let your body rot..🎶

When pressed about the meaning of his lyrics on Oprah, Ice-T said these lyrics are ‘meaningful’ and ‘from the heart’.

Interestingly, this same year found the creation of ‘Evil Ernie’ a comic book which eventually saw a pedophelia conviction befall a main artist: Justiniano.

Ice-T’s life is like a manual for degradation. His wife is 25 years younger than him. His grandson killed a man accidentally (while high and pretending to be gangsta like grandpa). He went AWOL from the army after being accused of stealing. He later had this covered up on a technicality. He’s based his success on songs like ‘The Iceberg’ & ‘Cop Killer’ . He plays a Dimwitted rape detective that’s so naive about his job, he’s surprised by the circumstances around the pedophelia and rape cases in the show. A slap in the face of real detectives hunting down the very pimps, rapists, pedophiles, murderers and thieves that Ice-T has exploited and glorified for vast sums of money.

Through all of this, he hasn’t changed. His new single with Body Count is called ‘No Lives Matter’. Yeah, Ice, not even your Grandson’s life? He’s in prison and Ice-T takes to a platform of hate and separation with a Pro-BLM speech.

Where’s the facts about 93% of black homicides being committed by blacks? Where’s the fact that only 1 in 4 people killed by police is black? Where’s the fact that over 50% of violent crimes are committed by blacks? If black lives matter so much, why doesn’t he speak on that?

These are issues that hit closer to home for Ice-T a little more than your average celebrity, yet he perpetuates the stereotype of the oppressed Crenshaw 90s male, whilst living a dream life in Callabassas.

In 1994, Ice-T cemented his career on-screen in ‘Surviving The Game’. This is a story about how elites hunt and kill throwaway people. This brings us to our next section.


Justice Scalia met his demise in an unusual place. He was vacationing at John Poindexter’s Cibolo Creek Ranch in Southern Texas. This ranch has another name, which can sometimes be found posted on the local Craigslist with rooms starting at $500/night. It’s called Rent-Boy Ranch.

Locals’ and Internet ‘Truthers’ stories sync pretty well in this case. This ranch is believed to be a hunting ground for the elite. Their prey: humans. Men and women are invited in parties to this ranch to hunt, rape, kill and eat humans.

This may sound outlandish, but it’s already a big underground business in other parts of the world. It’s predicted that by the year 2100, the practice will become socially acceptable. By 2200, it will become a televised event like sports. Kind of like ‘Running Man’ or ‘Hunger Games’.

Don’t kid yourself, people are being hunted for sport. It happens all over the world. People pay for sex with kids, they pay to kill strangers in kill rooms like ‘Hostel’. The elite pay top dollar to eat Endangered species and also human flesh.

Justice Scalia wasn’t given an autopsy. He stayed at Cibolo Creek for free and was flown there by another wealthy person whose name hasn’t been disclosed.

Let me run that by you one more time: he was anonymously flown by one billionaire in a private jet to another billionaire’s private ranch where it is rumored people hunt, rape and even eat humans for sport during his open investigation into Hillary Clinton and dies, supposedly of a heart attack, while he’s there. He’s about as lucky as all these people who fell off of balconies in this story.

If you don’t believe this part, go back to the top and click the link for the ‘pizza party/asparagus’ case. There’s email after email explicitly detailing the rape, torture, murder and cooking of children. There were photos of a man with beheaded babies, among other things.


There are overwhelming amounts of evidence to support the reality behind pizzagate. Especially when you factor in world powers and the corruption of the Clinton/Obama administration as outlined in my first article related to the subject- Pedophelia Inc.: A Clinton Scandal

As far as evidence goes against John Podesta, there’s the infamous video where he says his full name along with his nickname while torturing kids. You could say that it’s a hoax, but I’ll tell you right now, they’d be slapping whoever made it with a gigantic lawsuit by now if it was false. When President Trump was accused of raping his ex-wife, he threatened to destroy any news outlet that dared to print these ‘lies’ about him. She even recanted the testimony in her book.

You have to think about this whole thing rationally. It goes to every level from our President all the way down to illegal aliens jumping the border. If this whole thing saw daylight in court. The entire world would be devastated. You wouldn’t believe how few politicians would be left with clean hands.

The FBI knew all of this in the fall of last year, and, they played their hand as subtly as possible. They forced the control system over to the side with the lesser amount of evil. Don’t get me wrong, the guilt is on all sides but, there will be slightly more justice in the Trump administration simply because the Hollywood elites and the Democrats are heavily tainted with the guilt of their actions.

Thanks for reading. There’s links to related articles I found below. Please share this article. I don’t get paid. There’s no ads. This is the real deal.



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